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Cersaie 2018: The Sound of Design (commercial set: theatre)

| Designbest editorial staff


ow in its V edition, the collective exhibition The Sound of Design, promoted by Cersaie, is a must of the Bologna fair, an event not to be missed both for professionals in the industry and the general public who come to the fair in increasingly large numbers. Through illustrating different points of view, the Sound of Design offers an analysis of product culture; this prompts visitor to reflect on important questions as well as providing a fertile ground for the professionals in the field.

Creative duo Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli are the soul and deus ex machine of this project. This year too, they have risen to the challenge, creating an event that combines a practical aspect with pure pleasure. The architect and designer Angelo Dall’Aglio joins us for a preview interview.



Angelo Dall’Aglio: where does the creative idea behind The Sound of Design come from?

“This exhibition is the natural progression of last year’s experience, a departure from our past exhibitions. In 2017, we focused on “light” drawing from the iconic TV programme –Milleluci-, a benchmark for the seventies – in every episode this programme referenced aspects of cinema, TV and music. Because of the nature of our inspiration, this exhibition was more inspired by popular-culture than the earlier ones and it’s perhaps for this reason that it was so well-received and effective. This year, we’ve decided to retrace our steps by illustrating a crucial theme for us: the different influences between music and design”.  


What’s the relationship between music and design?

" They are both the result of a creative act, in a given historical moment and are produced by an emotion.

They are "given to the world" and everyone then reads them in their own way, catalysing other stimuli, other memories. There is nothing more evocative than the music and the musical part of our memories that makes any association between music and a given moment, immediate. Music and design are everywhere you look, breaking down barriers and generating other ideas. Closely interconnected, over the years they have influenced each other. In this respect, we think of how much Design has contributed to the diffusion of music through the design of instruments and devices for music reproduction. And vice versa, consider the Rolling Stones’ mouth, or Guframs’ as a matter of fact, both inspired by Dali’s sofa. Colours, frequencies, music and projects have determined spatiality over time, ideas as much as uses and customs".


Why does the exhibition reference the period 73-86?

“We have chosen to reference a unique period, from 76 to 83, as it was one of maximum contamination and creativity. Consider the fact that new musical genres were constantly being created, all born at the same time (punk, electronic, ska, metal) and that each genre corresponded to a specific social group. It was a colourful society, despite the fact that it was a tough period marked by social struggle, yet full of creativity too. And this mix, everyone knows, is the ideal fertile ground for new ideas”. 


What does the exhibition depict?

“This year too, the pay off is Italian Style Contract as we have always tried to go beyond the product itself, illustrating the typically Italian talent of seeing beyond the surface and to be discerning as well. This mix that sets us apart from the rest of the world is not easily reproduced, we are capable of giving you wonderful ideas to take home, something that comes across in a wide range of projects such as spas and luxury hotels. More than half of the visitors are in fact foreign professionals, who are looking to be inspired by the range of products on display, often unreleased objects and series. Our aim is not nostalgic, but rather to show how certain series currently in production are suitable for different contexts. And across-the-board too, because quality design is similar to timeless music, it breaks down barriers”.


 What’s the itinerary like?

“The exhibition itinerary illustrates the different sides of Italian Style with 10 commercial sets such as a library, a hotel with spa, a theatre, a recording studio, etc. Each set has a 3x2 metre-video wall with a selection of video clips of the period in question. A particularly immersive and captivating itinerary. There’s a set with a radio as well that accompanies us live, with a DJ set on one of the nights. So, we are re-creating a small Studio 54.”


 Summing-up, what do the visitors take-away from The Sound of Design?

"Happiness, enjoyment and beauty. I believe that a modern fair should be a cultural platform as well as a commercial one, a television schedule, above all emotional, not aimed only at solving the problems of every visitor".


Where and when:

Cersaie - Hall 30

Bologna, exhibition centre

From the 24th to the 28th September 2018 

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 9,00 - 19,00 / Fri 9,00 - 18,00



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