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Clean and fresh air in your home

As the sweltering heat is rapidly approaching, air-conditioners and fans are in full-swing and simultaneously, doors and windows remain firmly closed. However, what means do you have to ensure that the air in your home is fresh and clean?

Living Special #19

Living room special: relaxation indoors and outdoors

A cluster of ergonomic armchairs, modular sofas and oversized daybeds occupy living rooms, roof-top terraces and gardens, consequently illustrating the latest style trends for relaxing at home and outdoors...


A sunny and chic outdoor living room

A sunny patio is perfect for your outdoor living room. You are able to transform a covered area under the porch into a cosy snug...


A pop of gingham for outdoors

The latest trend in outdoors focuses on comfy furniture in a simple silhouette, perfect for a refined, soothing space...


A comfy space that blends interiors with exteriors

Two small armchairs, placed beside two coffee tables, overlook the terrace and there’s a sofa too, ready to enjoy the summer.


Anthracite and rust: outdoor elegance

Our new outdoor living room is inspired by traditional South American textiles: a refined striped fabric in grey and cream, coupled with a splash of the colour rust.


An informal reading nook

Ergonomic and protective, these two monolithic armchairs are the perfect addition to your reading nook. Centre stage, a bookcase redefines the space...


Afro-chic inspirations

Nostalgia for Africa invades our homes and influences the urban-style with ethnic rituals, informal conviviality and handmade artefacts...


A natural living room

Our new living room focuses on a neutral colour palette that draws from the soil, sand and wood, additionally creating a soothing space that combines Scandinavian-style with an African-inspired aesthetic.