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A living room in optical black-and-white

Our living room mixes classic aesthetics with black-and-white optical prints. In a constant game of light and shadows, striped or checkered upholstery is paired-up with marble furniture.


Italian brands in the field of soft furniture

Sartorial precision, versatile aesthetics and cutting edge design; this is what has determined the worldwide success of Italian brands in the field of soft furniture.


Okome by Alias, a poetic sofa

What do you think might happen, if a designer the calibre of Nendo starts looking at stream pebbles? The answer is Okome by Nendo for Alias...


Mill Home by Cappellini, the modular sofa for millennials

Turn it around, disassembled it and customize it, Mill Home is up to the test. Mill Home is the latest modular sofa by Cappellini, especially designed for a young crowd.


Android by Antrax, the award-winning radiator

First came the Red Dot Design Award 2017, and the Muuuz International Award 2017 soon after. Android is the award-winning radiator designed by Daniel Libeskind for Antrax. And we’ve fallen head over heels for it...

Best Choice

Reading lamps: our favourites

Be it in the living room or bedroom, we do enjoy diving into a good book, providing that we have the right lamp. The reading lamps we have found are elegant, unconventional, portable and compact...


Rift by Tubes, winner of the Wallpaper Design Award 2017

Streamlined modular units assembled to form a sculpture; this is Rift by Tubes in brief. And who could ever have thought we were referring to a radiator. In fact, Rift is an award winning groundbreaking patented radiator: aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.


A living room with wall-mounted storage

In our living room, wall-mounted storage takes centre stage. A versatile piece in plain timber with accents in lacquer: part storage and part bench, it adds a decorative touch as well as being an occasional seat.


Delineo Industrial by FerreroLegno, innovative sliding panels

See-through sliding panels are often used instead of conventional doors, redefining the modern home. Apropos, Delineo Industrial by FerreroLegno is a set of crystals sliding panels mounted on an aluminium frame, which turns innovation in a new form of elegance.


Tetatet Flûte by Davide Groppi, the new rechargeable table lamp

First designed in 2013, Tetatet was an instant hit; this was mainly due to its practicality, dramatic aesthetics and clean silhouette. And to say about Flûte, a brand new version in clear glass? One word is more than enough: magical!