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Rossana Orlandi

Spazio Rossana Orlandi through the eyes of four designers

| Designbest editorial staff


our designers, four projects; all with a distinctive point of view and a different story to tell. For example, the fruitful partnership between artistry and technology of the Alacarol Group, the simple and clean lines of Nika Zupanc, the bold and unconventional mosaics of Yukiko Nagai and the functional artwork of  Wonmin Park. 


Nika Zupanc – Secretaria Desk

Secretaria Desk is a large and extra-high desk, designed for one person only.  Desk in laminate and metal, top closes with a concertina door. Secretaria Desk is fitted with a secrete compartment. 


Yukiko Nagai – Twin Mosaic Chair

Twin Mosaic Chair is a bold an unconventional piece, its design can be described as what exists between what is perceived real and what is really there. Mosaic seat and backrest made using irregular tiles in a variety of different materials: glass, rock, marble and other resistant materials. This mosaic in inspired by traditional eighteenth century tapestries.  


Wonmin Park – Miami Shelf

Miami Shelf, designed by Wonmin Park, is inspired by the many of colours, lights and skyline of the city of Miami. This piece is asymmetric in shape and has a multi-faceted frame. 


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