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Technology Special

Technology Special: The home becomes smart

Our lives are about to get a lot easier: smart kitchen hoods, hi-tech lamps and home automation systems. The modern home leans on cutting edge technology to answer our needs.


V-Motion by Valcucine, the latest kitchen automation system

Imagine a kitchen which responds to your every move: drawers that open when you brush against them; tap and lights that go on when you open a cabinet; equipment that starts working as soon as you approach...


The latest kitchen hoods are smart and sleek

The latest kitchen hoods, which have captured everyone’s interest at EuroCucina 2016, range from majestic structures to almost imperceptible designs and can be either square or round in shape.


Nevis by Ariston, the air conditioner with aromatherapy

Summer is just around the corner and we bet you’ll start thinking of ways of staying cool. So, why don't you go for Nevis by Ariston. Nevis by Ariston is a top of the line air conditioner: easy to operate, elegant aesthetics, ultra-silent and energy saving.


Origami by Tubes, the radiator folded like a sheet of paper

You must know about the ancient Japanese art of origami. In fact, origami is what inspired Italian designer Alberto Meda to fold a conventional radiator time and time again. And what’s the outcome? Origami by Tubes: a heating panel with a fresh new look, it also doubles-up as a screen and a heated towel rack.


Candela by Astep, the lamp with a wick

Take two top personalities: entrepreneur Alessadro Sarfatti (grandson of iconic Gino Sarfatti) and undisputed lighting designer Francisco Gomez Paz. And ask them to design a lamp. This is the outcome: a piece with matchstick and usb port, which draws from the past to go ahead.


Neo Prehistory – 100 verbs: a new show in Milan

There’s a new exhibition in town: Neo Prehistory – 100 verbs. Neo Prehistory – 100 verbs is on from the 2nd April until the 12th September 2016, part of the XXI International Exposition, Triennale di Milano.