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| Designbest editorial staff


ight in the centre of Gardone Riviera, Brescia, north Italy, there's an exciting international event, which brings art, food and design together. We are talking about D’Annunzio e i Giardini di Pan, now in its second edition, which will be at the Vittoriale degli Italiani from the 10th May until the 31st October 2015.

This year D’Annunzio e i Giardini di Pan has a new yummy theme: Inezie squisitissime. Nutrire la mente e il corpo tra Oriente e Occidente (Delicious trivialities. Feeding body and soul between east and west). And what theme could be more appropriate, given that we are right in the middle of Expo 2015. This happening is centred around the person of Gabriele D'Annunzio; Italian poet, journalist and aesthete, born in the second half of the nineteenth century. Set in D'Annunzio's old home, visitors will be enthralled by a succession of exhibitions, art installations, special events, talks with illustrious guests and even food and wine tastings, worth of an urban dandy.

D'Annunzio's unique culinary tastes and his love for the orient take centre stage. In fact, by taking a look at his oriental collection, you will learn about his literary work, main passions and aesthetic inclinations. There's even his purple house-coat, a stage mask, a statue of Buddha, Snow Lions and objects belonging to the Katana tradition. Each piece has a unique story to tell; you can even use a QR Code to browse the exhibition catalogue.

This years, there are also many noteworthy spokespersons. D’Annunzio e i Giardini di Pan will be opened by Alessandro Mendini, the Italian designer behind the Proust armchair, designed in 1978 for Magis. And especially for this event, Proust comes out in a new version in purple, D'Annunzio's favourite colour. There are also other editions of Proust dotted around the space; they will seat the guests invited to take part in the series of talks Incontri Scomodi, Italian for “uncomfortable meetings”. Incontri Scomodi will bring together different names of the Italian arts and literary world: the designer Mendini, the art critique Vittorio Sgarbi, the journalist and writer Giordano Bruno Guerri, the singer-song writer Morgan and the writer Fulvio Abbate and many more besides.

There's a lot to take in: D'Annunzio's personal possessions, contemporary art installations, mystical references and a sprinkling of Proust armchairs. D’Annunzio e i Giardini di Pan is an incredible journey through many forgotten buildings and places: the Auditorium, Museo D’Annunzio Segreto, Priora, Arengo, Acqua Savia (opened for the first time since 1938) and Limonaie. What's more, by taking a stroll around Acqua Savia, you'll definitely be captivated by waterfalls, bridges and iconic architecture. We suggest you spend some time in the Limonaie, where you'll find a variety of different culinary events, which even include incredible food and wine tastings.


Where: Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone Riviera, Brescia, Italy

When: 10th May - 31st October 2015


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