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The exhibition Gramàtica in Mexico City

| Designbest editorial staff


he Galeria La Liga in Mexico City is now showing Gramática, an extraordinary exhibition on emerging South American architects, which was set up by the Llonazamora studio. Gramática revolves around an exceptional art installation, which takes pride of place at the centre of the gallery: metal scaffolding on which miniature wooden figurines are attached, this shows glimpses of Peruvian architecture.

Gramática was inspired by the literary method of the “cut-up”, used by William S.Burroghs; this consists in cutting and reusing parts of texts, mixing and matching them to form new poetic compositions. This is how stairs, rooms, balconies and even courtyards, known by architects as “archetypes of talent”, become pieces of a three dimensional jigsaw, building extraordinary spatial arrangements in constant change.

Everyone is welcome to visit: you just need to stop in front of the installation and move, as you please, the jigsaw blocks. This game is seemingly simple and its endless combinations help us reflect on spontaneous architecture and on the importance of local building knowledge.

What’s more, even the architect Rafael Zamora was impressed on the level of knowledge of the local builders and carpenters he came across when he first arrived in Peru. And this exhibition, in its interactive simplicity, is the right opportunity for thanking these professions and valuing  their skill.


Where: Galeria La Liga, Av. Insurgentes Sur 348, Colonia Roma Sur, Delegacion Cuauhtémoc Distrito Federal, Mexico City, Mexico

When: ongoing  - 30 November 2015 

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