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exhibition: 999. una collezione di domande sull'abitare contemporaneo

| Designbest editorial staff


999. A collection of questions on contemporary living at the Triennale di Milano

Do you have a home? But above all, who’s the boss at home? These (and many others, 999 to be exact) are the questions that are waiting for us at the Triennale di Milano from the 12th January 2018.

At the Triennale di Milano, 999. Una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneo (lit. 999. A collection of questions of contemporary living) is an interactive exhibition on contemporary living for all the senses.

This exhibition is almost a journey, an experience, a festival. The house is in fact more than a simple building as it’s seen as a real experience: so, this where the idea of the home comes in with many international guests (the co-curators of the exhibition are over 50) who involve the public interactively with physical, digital and social spaces and with an installation that changes in times and needs to be seen more than once.

Developed from an idea by Stefano Mirti who is the curator too, the exhibition puts on display 999 interconnecting questions on as many possibly ways of living, shown through domestic scenarios built with both static and  constantly changing sections. This unprecedented investigation translates into an ever-changing and original itinerary that accompanies us on a journey through the homes of the future.

“If I listen I forget, if I see I remember, If I do I learn” this is how an ancient Chinese proverb goes. This is the same philosophy behind the entire exhibition, which invites us to experiment, touch and "play" with everything on display. In due course, 999 domande is going to host workshops, conferences and talks open to the general public.

In the same way as a home full of life, in which friends and relative meet to share new experiences every time.


When: 12 January - 2 April 2018

Where: Triennale di Milano, 6 viale Alemagna, Milan, Italy


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