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| Designbest editorial staff


ove viaggi nel tempo. Alcantara e l’arte nell’Appartamento del Principe; this is the title of our third date with contemporary art, sponsored by Alcantara and the city of Milan.

The third part of the exhibition series curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani, Nove viaggi nel tempo takes over once again the prince’s apartment in the Palazzo Reale in Milan with captivating installations.

Nine site-specific installations by 10 international artists, who joined by the newly formed creative duo Esther Stocker/Iris van Herpen (artist and fashion designer), have drawn from a variety of different fields, from painting to music and from fashion to digital design, to convert the iconic rooms of the Palazzo Reale in series of amazing backdrops.

Suspended architecture, special sound effects and interactive components encourage the public to reflect on the different dimensions of time: from the personal sphere that changes according to your own individual needs to the technological and scientific one that nowadays dictates rhythms and imposes people to reorganize their own perception. 

Each room is a metaphysical journey where creativity takes centre stage. The journey begins in the Desire room with a large “capsule” filled with Alcantara flakes – the “embryos” of material – and then takes us to another room where two white dresses are wrapped around a 110km length band made of Alcantara (by Japanese artist Chiraru Shiota). There is also a small optical temple by Chinese artist Li Shurui (the Tempio di reverenza per la conoscenza oltre la comprensione umana) which can be used for meditation and an abstract blue maze by Dutch artist Krjin de Koning where you can lose yourself and experiment new ways of perceiving space and time. 


Where: Palazzo Reale, piazza del Duomo, Milan
When: 5th April – 13th May 2018

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