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Alessi: A New Moka Is Blooming - film (direction: Virgilio Villoresi) 

| Designbest editorial staff


lessi celebrates one of the icons of industrial design – the moka –with the special project A New Moka is Blooming, held at Mudec Museo delle Culture.

Moka Alessi. Design & Re Design. From Richard Sapper (1979) to David Chipperfiled (2019) is an exhibition that illustrates the way in which the moka has evolved throughout the years. Besides, it offers an overview from the eighties (with 9090 by Richard Sapper, winner of the ADI Compasso d’Oro award that additionally symbolises Alessi’s debut at the MOMA in New York) to the latest version of 2019, the Moka designed by David Chipperfield for his debut.

This exhibition includes all the designs that have played a crucial role in shaping the history of Alessi’s moka, from La Conica (1984) by Aldo Rossito to Pelicano (1995) by Michael Graves, from Ossidiana (2014) by Mario Trimarchi – other winner of the Compasso d’Oro award –, to Pulcina (2015) by Michele De Lucchi as well as Moka (2019) by David Chipperfield.

The exhibition is completed by unreleased material taken from the Alessi Museum, while the narrative concludes with Zoetrope Moka Alessi + Film, an installation created by Federico Pepe and the filmmaker Virgilio Villoresi who, with a dreamlike, sophisticated and evocative language, presents a "fairy tale in motion" that evokes the experiments of the pre-cinema era. Inspired by the optical children’s toys popular in Victorian times, this zoetrope was especially designed for Alessi to transport you into an unexpected and imaginative dimension.

With a magical feel, the film that portrays a girl as she prepares a cup of coffee in the morning, translates the ritual of coffee-making into a new dreamlike dimension. The traditional gas burner with tits burning flame, is transformed into a field of flowers lit up by the warm light of an abstract dawn. It pays tribute to this magical, enigmatic moment.

With the project A New Moka is Blooming, Alessi shines a light on of of the archetypes of everyday life, emphasizing that the moka is a dynamic symbol, capable to evolve over time. "The only way to design a new moka is to improve it," says David Chipperfield himself. And his Moka helps us reflect on an object that represents one of the emblems of the Italian spirit, as well as a project that is deeply rooted in the history of the brand Alessi: you only need to recall the first moka, designed in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, founding member of the company by the same name as well as the grandfather of Alberto Alessi, current president of the brand.

"The reassuring rumbling of coffee has entered the collective imaginary as a part of everyday life that repeats itself every morning: for many it is a ritual, for many it is a habit, for almost everyone it is above all a pleasure that cannot be relinquished” says Alberto Alessi. And the new Moka by David Chipperfield "sums up all the emotional characteristics of the object and the innovative spirit that has defined its design since the 1930s" and in addition, it reveals the democratic soul of a collectively-shared object/ symbol, celebrated all over the world.

Design, the evolution of industrial archetypes, history and the contemporary vision of a typically Italian ritual – coffee-making, of course – that’s culturally transversal too, capable to transcend socio-economic backgrounds and geographical boundaries. A New Moka is Blooming is this and much more, a story of evolution and creativity that has the taste of coffee and that you can fully enjoy in the Mokeria, a space with a pop soul inside the Museum's Bistrot, designed to enjoy a break with the new Chipperfield moka.


Where: Mudec – Museo delle Culture, 56 via Tortona, Milan, Italy

When: 9-14 April 2019


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