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Elio Martinelli e la Martinelli Luce

| Designbest editorial staff


n occasion of the 50th birthday of the Cobra lamp, Martinelli Luce pays tribute to the genius of Elio Martinelli with the following exhibition: Elio Martinelli and Martinelli Luce at the Triennale, Milan.

Elio Martinelli’s name is intrinsically linked to the history of Italian Design and its design industry which paved the way for the Made in Italy in the world: a successful example of innovation and research that revolutionized the way we look at everyday objects.

The Cobra lamp turns 50 years old and to mark this occasion Martinelli Luce – the firm founded by Elio Martinelli himself – has set up a monographic exhibition in the space of the Galleria dell’Architettura at the Triennale in Milan.

Elio Martinelli (Lucca 1922-2004) brings to mind an enlightened Renaissance man for his witty intelligence and well-rounded approach to knowledge which would allow him to combine technology research with the rules of the industrial world and the market.  Thanks to this unconventional approach he was able to build a variety of fruitful partnerships with the key names of Italian design.

The exhibition itinerary is split into three different rooms illustrating the life of Elio Martinelli and his company. The first room puts on show the Cobra lamp, a truly design icon manufactured by Martinelli Luce, along with the various lamps which are part of the Cobratexture project.

Simplicity, harmony and innovation: this is what has won us over. In the second and third room the itinerary illustrates Elio Marinelli’s artistic life and business acumen, from his start as a choreographer to his expert eye for lighting design. In the ‘60s he designed a variety of iconic pieces - the Cobra lamp, the Serpente lamp, the Foglia lamp –  as well as the Pipistrello lamp, designed in partnership with Gae Aulenti, and the beautiful Profiterolle lamp by Sergio Asti.

 Then, the exhibition takes you through a journey into the iconic designs of the ’70, ‘80s and ‘90s and testifies of a man who was always in tune with the times he lived in.

Far from being complete, the exhibition is a striking tribute to Elio Martinelli’s thinking process who, for over 60 years, flew the flag high for “Made in Italy” in the world.


When: 17-22 April 2018

When: Triennale di Milano, viale Alemagna 6, Milan Italy


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