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ABITANTI. Sette sguardi sull’Italia di oggi - La Triennale di Milano - Italy (ph: Flavio Moriniello)

| Designbest editorial staff


collective reflection on contemporary living: curated by Matteo Balduzzi, the exhibition Abitanti. Sette sguardi sull’Italia di oggi (lit. Inhabitants. Seven portraits of contemporary Italy) is currently at the Triennale di Milano, exhibition display by Studio Folder.

Abitanti puts on display the work of nine under thirty-five artists, who with seven new projects have tackled current themes connected to contemporary living. From documentary photography to TV series, from art to IT, from activism connected to public art to algorithms, the artists investigate how dwellings have changed throughout the years and the influence played by social and economic factors. Mutual assistance, rural communities, the occupation and self-management of buildings, interacting with technology, virtual and physical spaces: the artists (Dario Bosio, Saverio Cantoni e Viola Castellano, Francesca Cirilli, Gloria Guglielmo and Marco Passaro, Rachele Maistrello, Tommaso Mori and Flavio Moriniello) encourage us to reflect of many different themes, to better understand the relationship between public and private as well as the tensions that often result for sharing individual and collective spaces.

The exhibition comes from a need to explore the society in which we live in, giving a voice to the younger generation: this is a research project about social and economic contamination, focusing especially on Italian photography a visual arts. Analysed extensively, the landscape takes centre stage: photos from Italian photographers, images found on Instagram and natural installations serve to illustrate different lifestyles, from private middle-class homes to social housing and urban outskirts.

Supported by the Directorate General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Outskirts in partnership with the Triennale di Milano and the Museum of Contemporary Photography and Geico, this exhibition shines a light on contemporary society, proposing new ways of understating the problems that take place in Italy and that potentially take place all over the world.


Where: Triennale di Milano, 6 viale Alemagna, Milan, Italy

When: until 9 September 2018


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