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Agape: The Mangiarotti Collection by Agapecasa – Complete Catalogue (small table Eccentrico)

| Designbest editorial staff


his catalogue is a collection of the most iconic, functional and current pieces designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, one of the key players on the Italian architecture scene of the twentieth century. Agape presents The Mangiarotti Collection by Agapecasa – Complete Catalogue, a collection of the architect’s most significant work from the fifties onwards, modernized by Agape in line with the current aesthetic.  

Refined as well as dramatic, the volume overseen by Roberto Barazzuol, who incidentally is an art director, graphic designer and stylist too, paints a comprehensive picture of the Mangiarotti Collection: full-page images, evocative and distinctively contemporary settings, sketches, technical sheets as well as features on sought-after processes, accompany us through the pages of this book that comes across as a collective narrative on beauty and lifestyle.

The volume includes designs such as the tables Eros, Asolo, Incas, Eccentrico, the bookcase Cavalletto and the chairs Clizia, Club and 3 Tre: these timeless pieces are perfectly relevant today as well, they transform any space in a new stage.

This is the perfect book to collect, leaf through and store in your personal library.


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