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exhibition: "FANTASY ACCESS CODE. Alcantara and 6 artists on a journey through the Apartment of the Prince"

| Designbest editorial staff


o, what could 6 different artists get up to in the Appartamento del Principe (lit. the prince’s apartment)? Promoted by brand Alcantara, Codice di Avviamento Fantastico  (Fantasy Access Code) is at the Palazzo Reale, Milan from the 28th March to the 30th April 2017. Codice di Avviamento Fantastico is inspired by the work of Italian children’s author Gianni Rodari, as well as the century-long history of the Appartamento del Principe.

Famously, Gianni Rodari used to say that in order to invent new stories, you have to start from the most unexpected experience and then let your imagination run wild. And this is precisely what inspired the exhibition overseen by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani. The 6 artists involved are: illustrator Aki Kondo, artist Michael Lin, performance artist Georgina Starr, photographer/ set designer Lorenzo Vitturi, designer Nanda Vigo and musicians from the Soundwalk Collective. With a series of site specific installations displayed in the south-west wing, this group of 6 has shone a new light on the 10 rooms which date back to 1838.

The exhibition narrative is based on a succession of fantastical worlds, which take visitors out of their daily lives to new parallel dimensions, where incredible surroundings awaken their imagination. 

The journey starts from Nanda Vigo’s settling room; this is a space where mirrors and light bring reality and function together, smudging their boundaries even further. Visitors travel back in time, to the present and then to the future, they are encouraged to reflect on their lives, meditate and experience undefined time and space. And after a succession of different emotions, visitors arrive to the last room. Here, they can alight in a pod, an interactive installation by Georgina Starr, basically a sort of time machine with a performer who’ll take you back in time. 

Throughout the event, visitors we’ll be in a world entirely made out of Alcantara. In each room, Alcantara takes centre stage and invites you to let your imagination run wild.


Where: Appartamento del Principe, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy

When: 28 March - 30 April 2017


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