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Aldo Rossi e la Ragione. Architetture 1967-1997 

| Designbest editorial staff


ldo Rossi e la Ragione. Architetture 1967-1997 is a retrospective exhibition that celebrates the iconic Milanese architect, currently at the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua, northern Italy.

The epitome of Aldo Rossi’s philosophy, the Palazzo della Ragione is the perfect stage to put on display the architect’s work that to this day, represents a focal point for urban design. The exhibition space in fact includes, in chronological order, a selection of 40 buildings and over 150 original pieces that include studies, paintings, text, photographic documents, videos, drawings and models, from the sixties to the nineties. The itinerary begins with Aldo Rossi’s initial projects such as the Cimitero di San Caraldo in Modena (1971-1978) and subsequently, buildings that have established his status such as the Teatro del Mondo in Venice designed in 1979, the hotel complex “Il Palazzo” in Fukuoka (1987-1989) and the new hall for the Teatro la Fenice in Venice in 1996, just to name a few.

Besides, the exhibition includes furniture designed for Molteni&C and Unifor, such as the iconic tallboy Carteggio (1987), the armchair Parigi (1989), the chair Milano (1988) and the model Museum for the Bonnefanten Museum (1994).

“Many of us studied under Aldo Rossi” Alessandro Tognon states, who with Cinzia Simioni, established the Architecture Association that curated the exhibition with the Fondazione Aldo Rossi. “His teachings influenced the cultural growth of three generations and its cultural heritage is the subject of constant analysis and interpretation”.

In addition to influencing the international architectural scene, Aldo Rossi was a successful artist and designer, mainly due to his unique approach that centres around mankind. It’s no coincidence that this exhibition was held at the Palazzo della Ragione, a building that Aldo Rossi described in his essay L’architettura della città as paradigmatic for the intrinc connection between form, function and relationship that it creates with the city.

Aldo Rossi e la Ragione. Architetture 1967-1997 is an opportunity to analyse in-depth Aldo Rossi’s humanistic vision, igniting a debate on current cities, seen as collective memory repositories that are rapidly changing, similarly to the communities that inhabit them.


Where: Palazzo della Ragione, Piazza delle Erbe, Padua, Italy

When: until the 29th September 2019


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