Antrax: Arancione Dentro

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arm, bold and brave: in one word, orange. Antrax IT has chosen to be defined by the most vibrant colour on the spectrum and it has done so with a special collector’s volume.

ARANCIONE – Orange Architecture is a collection of the best Italian and international architecture and the colour orange is the main feature of every single project, evoking emotions through the colour’s typical evocative strength.

It only takes a detail in orange to release new found energy. This is why Antrax IT has made it its emblem, a colour intrinsically linked with the same artistic creativity that has always distinguished this brand. The brand’s main aim is to revitalize home heating by bringing balance, harmony and purity into play. As a result, the latest radiators are a perfect combination of design and technology, as well as redefining the world of home heating as we know it, drawing it closer to personal wellbeing and furniture design.

Watch"Arancione Dentro", the new Antrax corporate video:

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