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| Designbest editorial staff


here's a brand new event this year: Terme di Chianciano Garden Festival. Terme di Chianciano Garden Festival will be at Terme di Chianciano, Siena, Tuscany, from the 20th June to the 25th September. In its first edition, Terme di Chianciano Garden Festival is an international landscape contest, which brings together designers, artists and landscape designers from all over the world. This year's theme, which both professionals and aficionados have been invited to take on, is called: “Energia e quiete: le suggestioni contrastanti del giardino" (it literally translates to: energy and tranquillity: contrasting suggestions of the garden).

The main theme of this event: suggestions. In fact, Terme di Chianciano and its surrounding park will be a focal point for innovative garden designs, provocative arrangements and conceptual and minimalist open spaces...There are many ideas which reinterpret tradition. However, there are also a number of entries, which transform the outdoors in real contemporary art installations and make us dream of faraway lands.

This year, a panel of experts, which include both landscape architects and designers, has already proclaimed the winners. First prize (Terme di Chianciano) for the best garden, was awarded to Giardino delle Naiadi. Second prize (Città di Chianciano Terme) was shared by Giardino di Leonia and Linea D’Acqua. What's more, visitors are able to vote for their favourite entry. In fact, at the end of a path, which winds around luxuriant plants and intricate green architecture, the public can express its appreciation on what designs they've liked the most. And the remaining prize (Acqua Santa – Selezione del Pubblico) will be given to the most popular garden.

The visit to these gardens is a real fairy tale. And after it's over, you can dive in the thermal baths inside the park, the only establishment in Italy designed around principles of naturopathy. To be surrounded by an enchanted garden, full of natural suggestions, is exactly what you need to stimulate your chakra...

When: 20 June - 25 September 2015
Where: Parco Acqua Santa, Chianciano Terme (Si)

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