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Milan, Stazione Cadorna - @Luca Rotondo

| Designbest editorial staff


our cities, five architects and a century of history in a four-day tour. The new project Architetti senza tempo (Timeless architects) from Open House Italia with the participation of the Ministry of Culture was created to promote iconic architects of the 20th century with 4 days of visits, exhibitions and talks. Architetti senza tempo is inviting us on a journey through Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples to discover their most famous architects: Gae Aulenti (Milan), Sergio Jaretti Sodano and Elio Luzi (Turin), Stefania Filo Speziale (Naples), and Luigi Moretti (Rome). 

Chosen for their cultural and professional influence and major body of works, the stars of Architetti senza tempo lead this collective experience which focuses on modern architecture. It showcases leading figures like Gae Aulenti and Luigi Moretti, as well as lesser known architects who, however, reached the same level of greatness.

For example, Stefania Filo Speziale was the first woman who graduated in architecture in Naples. A student of Marcello Canino, this determined and talented architect was capable of making a name for herself on the Neapolitan architectural scene after WWII with over 150 projects, including the Cattolica Assicurazioni skyscraper. Her name has remained in the margins due a lack of research and the complete loss of her archive.

Meanwhile, Elio Luzi and Sergio Jaretti Sodano primarily worked almost exclusively with the Manolino corporation in the Turin area for over twenty years. They experimented with various styles (like Neoliberty at the Casa dell’Obelisco) but always carried the influence of Carlo Mollino, which could be seen in their great “artisanal” use of materials.

In every city Architetti senza tempo will open with four talks introduced by Onofrio Cutaia, the General Manager of Contemporary Creativity at the Ministry of Culture. Plus, there will be no lack of exhibitions, roundtables and free expert-guided visits of these architects’ most important urban buildings. It is a can’t-miss experience if you want to get to know the history, styles and architecture of the urban landscape and uncover the souls of these four cities.

Where: Milan, Turin, Rome, Naples
When: June 16-19, 2022



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