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Art Aquarium, Milan
| Designbest editorial staff


here's an amazing new exhibition in town: it's Art Aquarium. Art Aquarium, shown for the first time outside Japan, will be at Circolo Filologico Milanese, Milan, from the 29th May until the 23rd August 2015. Everything is about Kingyo, the iconic gold fish, which becomes living art. In Japan, Kingyo was traditionally a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, capturing collective imagination. And now, artists and designers have decided to pay tribute by building large fish tanks, which are authentic works of arts.

Fish tanks are theatrically displayed with background music, mood lighting, images and a variety of different scents. You just need to pause for a second in front of the glass to enjoy a memorising show; fish entertain visitors with colourful meandering dances and the surreality which consequently follows. This space is truly magical. Each tank is an evocative installation; this captures the public and enchants with reflections and colours. Screens project virtual images of gold fish, two-dimensional tanks inspired by the art of kimono making, Japanese gardens, a metamorphosis of bowls and maritime landscapes: this will certainly dazzle you.

Everything in the space is enchanting and magical. Everything in this space screams design. You will see simple fish bowls by Vernini, a firm skilled in the art of glass making, which pay tribute to the undulating movement of a fish's fin. This transforms an almost simplistic structure into a lithe and colourful form. However, Oiran, is definitely the most impressive piece on show; inspired by courtesans and the architecture of the Edo period in Japanese history. And, you will undoubtedly loose yourself in a veritable iridescent kaleidoscope.

This exhibition is clearly a unique sensory experience, which makes us feel like children again; moving between design, technology and tradition in a search for Japanese culture. This is a must for the whole family, not only because you will spend an afternoon in a fairytale land, but also because you'll have many opportunities to take part in one of the many events, which include tastings, projections and even art and design workshops for the kids.


Where: Circolo Filologico Milanese, Milan, Italy

When: 29 May – 23 August 2015

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