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source: A letto con il DESIGN - Design Hostel

| Designbest editorial staff


ostel, exhibition space, workshop and creative hub; this is the Design Hostel. Open from the 1st until the 10th April 2017, Design Hostel is a temporary space housed in the same building as the MakersHub in the Bovisa neighbourhood, Milan. And during this year’s Salone del Mobile, 40 international designers will bring it to life with live performances, installations, talks and evening parties.  

Design Hostel is set up by MakerHubs and IDEAS Bit Factory in partnership with POLI.design, a joint venture of the School of Design and the Department of Design of the Polytechnic of Milan. The event is titled “A letto con il DESIGN – Design Hostel”(lit. in bed with design); this is because designers, chosen through an international completion, will use the 40 rooms of this 1200 sqm open-plan space as studios and workshops. Therefore, Design Hostel is an innovative space where anyone can rub shoulders with creative professionals and take a look at their work.

This mixed-use space goes against traditional hospitality, bringing modern living to an industrial building. Design Hostel will be filled with: analogical and digital technology, decorations made using old printing presses, video-mapping, playful pieces and ground breaking designs. Designers are encouraged to make pieces to customize their own room, which will in turn become part of a collective exhibition open to the general public.

We have already started thinking of what we’d like to see during the Salone del Mobile and the Fourisalone fringe events. So, if you want to hit all the coolest spots, be sure to pencil this date down: Sunday the 2nd April there will be a fun and spectacular evening party open to all. You should also check-out the following nights: the Design Hostel has a rich calendar of parties with dj sets in pyjamas, pillow fights and even a midnight spaghetti party.


Where: Design Hostel, 44/4 via Cosenz, Milan, Italy

When: 1-10 April 2017


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