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exhibition "Ceci n’est pas une copie"

| Designbest editorial staff


xhibition Ceci n’est pas une copieDesign between Innovation and Imitation is on at the CID (Centre d’Innovation et de design au Grand Hornu), Belgium, from the 27th November 2016 to the 26th February 2017. Ceci n’est pas une copie takes a close look at imitation, copying and reproduction in the world of design.

Curated by Chris Meplon (exhibition design by Gafpa Bureau), this exhibition illustrates the different nuances between innovation and copying. Copying is a real multi-faceted phenomenon which includes: recycling, collage, tribute, re-interpretation, pastiche, experimental reproduction and finally plagiarism and piracy.

Is copying a tribute to the author or is it damaging to the artist’s reputation? This is the age-old dilemma, which has captivated and attracted the attention of both designers and the general public. Ceci n’est pas une copie tries to answer this with work and contributions by Jasper Morrison, Richard Hutten, Unfold, Bas van Beek, Konstantin Grcic, Maarten Baas and other international artists and designers, who play with and expand the boundaries between shape and function.

This exhibition brings together and compares with each other a fascinating kaleidoscope of different examples, visions and limited editions. You just have to pay a visit and appreciate a stimulating itinerary made of doubts and contradictions.  


Dove: Centre d’Innovation et de design, Site du Grand-Hornu, Rue Sainte-Louise Hornu, Belgium

When27 Novembre 2016 - 26 February 2017


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