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source: Barocco&Neobarocco.com

| Designbest editorial staff


arocco & Neobarocco is the name of the “zero” edition of this special design festival dedicated to art and creativity which puts neo-baroque design on display.

The creator of this particular initiative, planned from September 24-26, 2021, is the architect Roberto Semprini who, alongside the curator Valentina Fisichella, got other artists, designers, stylists and international companies (Lithea, Nerosicilia, Davide Groppi, Zambaiti just to cite a few) involved for a three days of events, dialogues and installations in lavish and prestigious spaces.

The choice of the location could be nowhere but Ragusa, the hub of the 18th century rebirth of the Val di Noto and ideal setting for a collective account of baroque marvels. The Barocco & Neobarocco’s ambitious goal is explicit: to open a dialogue between design and business culture on the various expressions, which are often exquisitely contemporary, of neo-baroque design.

Art and architecture are not the only ones influenced and fascinated by the baroque aesthetic, but also haute couture, jewelry, and even contemporary furniture. They transform its peculiarities into designer décor which always remains contemporary. Indeed, the festival offers a panoramic take on the baroque which is spread out among the city’s best historical palaces, from Palazzo Cosentino, a typical example of 18th century Sicilian Baroque where there will be the works from illustrious names like Elena Salmistraro, Stella Orlandino and Roberto Semprini, to Palazzo della Cancelleria with Edra’s spiral sofa illuminated by the lamps of Davide Groppi, the Palazzo La Rocca, the San Vincenzo Ferreri Church, the Antica Badia and the Donnafugata Castle.

All it takes is a stroll around the city’s streets to take in the new interpretations of Sicilian style amongst stucco balconies and frescoes by Pietro da Cortona, unique scenery and unexpected encounters like the Giraffa in love, the large floor lamp designed by Marcantonio for Qeeboo, which stands before the Palazzo della Cancelleria.

The festival is the only one of its kind and sponsored by the the ADI, the Accademia di Brera, the Accademia di Carrara, the University of Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli, IULM and the Order of Architects, with the support of many local and national businesses.

It is a festival to savor. It takes us on a continuous journey among the past and present, ancient splendor and contemporary elegance. It is a pleasure for the mind and the eyes which even includes a neo-baroque dinner from Slow Food Ragusa in the Giardini Iblei so we can enjoy Sicilian art with all our senses.

Where: Ragusa, Italy
When: September 24, 25 and 26, 2021



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