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B&B Italia/The perfect density

| Designbest editorial staff


id you miss your chance to see B&B Italia/The perfect density at the Triennale di Milano, overseen by Migliore+Servetto (we are talking about Milan Design Week 2016) and set up to celebrate 50 years of B&B Italia? You can go back for a second look, as it’s now part of the permanent collection at the B&B Italia headquarters in Novedrate, between Milan and Como.

This installation illustrates half a century of Italian design, and it symbolically represents the beating heart of B&B Italia. At the centre of the exhibition space, there are 8 moving cages at the centre of the exhibition space; they give life to a web of luminous ribbons that float in mind air. This is a clear reference to the brain and its synapses that constantly send and receive different input.

A window showing a video opens in each of these “towers”, while micro-stories run on the entire length of the side walls: a whirlwind of graphics, products, personalities and expressions that have played a crucial role in shaping the history of B&B Italia, giving life to a group narrative that reflects into infinity in the mirrored wall in the background.

B&B Italia/The perfect density is an unconventional of illustrating the brand’s history: a richness of ideas and designs that have propelled the firm towards new frontiers in contemporary living.


Where: B&B Italia, 15 Strada Provinciale Novedratese, Novedrate (Co), Italy


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