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Agapecasa, exhibition "Counterbalance: the Design Poetry of Angelo Mangiarotti" - showroom Dimore - Bologna- Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


n one side we have Dimore, one of the top interior design stores in Bologna, and on the other we have Agapecasa, a brand that has made of superior design its forte. This joint venture could not have produced anything but a top quality partnership.

In occasion of the Bologna Design Week, in conjunction with Cersaie 2017, Dimore became the perfect stage for paying a tribute to Angelo Mangiarotti, one of the undisputed iconic designers of the twentieth century: Counterbalance: The Design Poetry of Angelo Mangiarotti.

The event was especially created to celebrate the coming together of this partnership. For us, it was the perfect occasion to enjoy a space that is a real port of call for design addicts from all over: in fact, the elegant iconic pieces of the Mangiarotti Collection are perfectly in tune with the refined aesthetics of Dimore, a space that throughout the years has always had great taste in bringing together design icons with contemporary work by relevant modern designers.

However, the showroom’s most accurate selection of furniture and accessories by top Italian and international brands isn’t just what we like about it. In fact, what we like above all is the special attention Dimore pays to interior design (from new flooring styles to designing kitchens and bathrooms) and its ability to cater to the needs of every single client.

It’s precisely Dimore’s expert eye for interior design that has led Agapecasa, and its collection of timeless design icons, to settle here, finding its true habitat.


Where: Dimore, 33A via Farini, Bologna


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