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exhbition: "Scatto Libero. Dino Gavina 10"

| Designbest editorial staff


n the spectacular setting that is Palazzo Campogrande, run in conjunction with the Bologna Design Week, the exhibition Scatto Libero. Dino Gavina 10 celebrated the extraordinary career of Dino Gavina, one of the most innovative designers and enlightened entrepreneurs of the twentieth century.

10 themes, 10 pieces, 10 stories and 10 authors: the number 10 is the underlying thread of this exhibition (it’s not a mere coincidence that this year marks the tenth anniversary from the designer’s death) that has retraced, using original material, the work of this creative genius. The main aim of the curators, the architects Elena Brigi and Daniele Vincenzi, was to convey a message to the next generation. In fact, they wanted to pass down a unique design method that brings together manual dexterity, free-thinking and reflection.

We’ve let Dino Gavina’s philosophy guide us, and we’ve looked at his armchairs, storage and lamps through a lens: put on display surrounded by screens and lightweight metallic structures, every single piece has been carefully chosen so as to illustrate its soul, structure and material.

Dino Gavina thought designers should rely on being curious, and above all he thought they should capture the emotive components of their surroundings. And Scatto libero, with its analytic and unconventional approach, has exposed the different design phases that went into making each single piece, suggesting different emotions. What’s more, Scatto libero has taken us behind the scenes of the magical world of design. 


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