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Scarabicchi Segni e disegni di Bruno Munari  (courtesy: Libreria Corraini 121+)

| Designbest editorial staff


curve, a broken line, a decisive stroke… Scarabicchi. Segni e disegni di Bruno Munari, the exhibition that Milan’s Libreria 121 has dedicated to the maestro Munari, is a tale told through leaping pirouettes on sheets of paper that play with improvised lines and bizarre doodled figures.

Coinciding with the release of the book Munari per Rodari published by Corraini (a joyous collaboration that is also highlighted by Corriere with the Rodari book series illustrated by Munari) and the exhibition Tra Munari e Rodari at the libraries in Rome, the opening of Scarabicchi. Segni e disegni di Bruno Munari brings us into the artist’s imaginative world with that lightness of opposites that has always been at the foundation of his work.

Indeed, for Munari lines are the archetypes of thought and are to be recombined in infinite variations in order to create the foundations of a design and drawing. They are elementary or automatic writings with infinite expressive possibilities like those outlined and told in the book Prima del disegno or like the sketches that illustrate some of Rodari’s books from Telephone Tales to Nursery Rhymes in the Sky and on Earth and Pie In The Sky.

“How many lines does it take make a drawing? What important does a line have for the drawing? What do lines communicate with their different thickness?” wondered Bruno Munari in the pages of Prima del disegno. We are once again asked these questions and made to reflect on the oft-undervalued importance of lines in the pages taken from Munari’s journal on the walls of Libreria Corraini, together with drawings, screen prints and original works on paper from Galleria Maurizio Corraini. It is a curious journey that projects us into a world made up of seemingly distant yet magically harmonious elements.


When: From November 6, 2020 until the end of the year

Where: Libreria Corraini 121+, via Savona 17/5, Milan, Italy


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