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source: Cappellini Goes Barocco

| Designbest editorial staff


n a suggestive mix of different styles, inspirations and moods, with the installation Cappellini Goes Barocco, Italian brand Cappellini puts on display its version of baroque style. This is the first in a series of exhibitions that promises to take us by surprise with the intelligent irony that has always distinguished Capellini. Cappellini Goes Barocco will bring to life the brand’s showroom at n. 4 in via Santa Cecilia, Milan.

This entirely new concept is a tribute to versatile design, and was supported by Giulio Cappellini himself in partnership with Valentina Folli. Cappellini Goes Barocco aims at illustrating with what ease the brand’s products can suit different styles and the changing times.

We’ve enjoyed experiencing all the splendours of the seventeenth century, and chasing after the Cappellini collections in a tactile, visual and sensory itinerary that, though excesses and contrasts, illustrates different moments of everyday life. In fact, this is the main concept behind a series of different rooms, where the most iconic pieces by Cappellini are taken out of context, yet perfectly integrated in their new surroundings.

This installation is a real play split into eight acts, and great attention has been paid to every detail, flavoured with cinematic quotes and a pinch of humour. Cappellini Goes Barocco is a provocative installation that wants to encourage a new way of designing: the home should be the right stage to showcase the endless ways of living. 


Where: Cappellini, 4 via Santa Cecilia, Milan, Italy

When: ongoing - 31 December 2017


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