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Cappellini Goes Barocco: emotions are rekindled in Paris

| Designbest editorial staff


Evocative, unexpected, ironic and chic; this Cappellini in brief. We have been used to surprises from this brand, one of the key players on the contemporary design scene. But, Cappellini manages to evoke new emotions every time.
Proof of this is Cappellini Goes Barocco. This new type of display has taken shape in the via Santa Cecilia Showroom in Milan, transporting us to the magical court of the Sun King: golden curls, sumptuous feasts, embellishments and daring decors act as a backdrop to the Cappellini collections. At the same time, background music and hinted references to the world of cinema create an alluring environment.

Directed by the set designer and designer Valentina Folli, Cappellini’s iconic pieces have a timeless feel and are perfectly integrated in a period setting it would otherwise be at odds with. Cappellini’s visual eclecticism takes to the stage in a constant juxtaposition of past and present, minimalism and opulence, visuals arts and lifestyle. We have been invited to capture the brand’s diverse design language and the multifaceted ways in which it interprets contemporary living trends.

Cappellini Goes Barocco is the first in a series of displays that will continue all throughout 2018 and promises to welcome us with the brand’s typical ironic wit. If you have missed the preview in Milan, hop to Paris: from the 18th January in fact, Cappellini Goes Barocco is at the brand’s showroom in Boulevard Saint-Germain, painting a new portrait of contemporary life.



Cappellini Goes Barocco on display in the Boulevard Saint-Germain showroom, Paris.

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