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| Designbest editorial staff


c Selvini in Milan is now showing some of the most iconic designs by Carl Hansen, chosen to represent the best in Danish design and craftsmanship. All the pieces on display are a perfect blend of traditional knowhow and ground-breaking product design.

Needless to say, the overall mood at Mc Selvini is refined, dramatic and extremely rich in history. And this is no wonder. Since 1926, MC Selvini has been showing the best in Scandinavian and Danish design. Moreover, Carl Hansen & Son was set up as far back as 1908 by Carl Hansen himself. It’s also important to bare in mind that Carl Hansen was first a carpenter and a furniture maker. 

Throughout the years, Carl Hansen & Son has been extremely successful in keeping alive an appreciation and respect for traditional crafts, while still keeping up with current trends in interior design. This is why, even more than 100 years along the line, pieces by Carl Hansen still have a strong handmade appeal and we can find this in every detail, design and shape. In fact, Scandinavian design as a whole, can be defined by these same qualities. And this, is the main aspect which brings to life every object on show.

All the pieces at Mc Selvini have in common a similar purist aesthetic; a top-quality craftsmanship destined to outlive any fad or fashion. Among the many objects on show, it’s worth mentioning: the Wishbone Chair and the Shell Chair both by Hans J. Wegner (the Shell Chair has recently celebrated it’s fiftieth anniversary), the Colonial Chair by Ole Wanscher and several pieces by Louis Poulsen.

Ultimately, this profound appreciation for traditional manufacturing techniques translates into a certain timeless elegance, which design aficionados all over the world are bound to fall in love with.


Where: Mc Selvini, via Poerio 3, Milan, Italy  

When: ongoing - 30 September 2015


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