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Case Milanesi 1923-1973

| Designbest editorial staff


he city of Milan, as we well know, is an open-air museum. And the exhibition Case Milanesi 1923-1973 that focuses on Milanese architecture from the aftermath of the First World War to the early seventies is proof. Set up by the FAI (the Italian equivalent of the National Trust), in collaboration with Hoepli, this exhibition presents a unique opportunity to discover some of the most renowned homes in Milan that throughout the twentieth century have played a crucial part in shaping the city’s urban fabric.

During the twentieth century, residential architecture underwent a real period of experimentation that in turn, contributed to alter the city’s appearance for ever. Milan in fact, was the first Italian city to look towards modernity, not forgetting its tradition however. This background is illustrated by the curators Orsina Simona Pierini and Alessandro Isastia, supported by Alberto Saibene: this urban and cultural shift witnessed the establishment of the middle-classes. So, it’s no coincidence that the exhibition is held at Villa Necchi Campiglio, an icon of thirties Art Deco style, in which the cultural, literary, artistic and cinematographic records from the twenties to the seventies take centre stage.

This is a rich and well-structured research, clarified by the dramatic installation in the wardrobe gallery, curated by Alessandro Isastia: a large carpet-map of the city of Milan accompanies you through to the vestibule that leads to the exhibition space in the attic and as you are literally walking around the city’s streets (creating virtual itineraries), the most famous residences open their doors to you. Besides, they are introduced by a section on the architects who designed them, from Piero Portaluppi to Giovanni Muzio, from Luigi Caccia Dominioni to Vico Magistretti, from Gio Ponti to Ignazio Gardella Figini.

The heart of the exhibition however, explores 23 homes in detail: a long wall (put on display by studio Giussaniarch and Studio FM) houses the image gallery, the floor plans and the materials, helping you gain a firsthand experience of the fabric of these buildings. Besides, on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th November there is going be the exhibition/ market Dentro le Case Milanesi (curated by Roberto Duilio) with the products and the collections of the brands, art and antique galleries as well as the designers that have created the interiors of these Milanese homes.

When: 24 October 2018 - 6 January 2019
Where: Villa Necchi Campiglio, 14 via Mozart, Milan, Italy

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