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| Designbest editorial staff


vents, talks and all the latest news from the world of bathrooms and tiles.

From the 23rd to the 27th September 2019, as every year, the city of Bologna acts as a host to Cersaie, the most important international fair in the field of bathrooms and tiles.

Now in its 37th edition and especially aimed a professional public, Cersaie serves as a stage for the latest technical and manufacturing advancements in the field. The fair additionally transforms the city of Bologna with a diverse calendar of cultural events. 

Cersaie is a perfect destination for people, who beside from having specialised interests, are keen to experience a setting that focuses on the latest lifestyle trends, innovative ideas, architecture, interior décor, art as well as style and good food, a characteristic that has made Bologna famous around the world.

Cersaie is constantly evolving as it’s increasingly more open towards new influences and forging relationships. It’s by doing so in fact that Cersaie remains relevant, up-to-date and in constant progress. Besides, the scope of the fair extends beyond the city of Bologna itself as its transcends national and international borders. 

In line with the fair’s intent to redefine its philosophy, Cersaie is OPEN proposes a new pictogram and a logo that sums up the new concept. This image combines Cersaie's main initiatives aimed at a diverse public: professionals in the field, architects, contractors, entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, journalists and final consumers, who are engaged through a new communication strategy.   



The rich calendar of events include many must-see events for the people who intend to learn to topics for reflection, emerging moods and positive energy, essential to imagine our lives in the future.

In brief, what are the must-see events?  

They undoubtedly include the thematic exhibition, put on display in the Padiglione 30, Famous Bathrooms curated by Angelo Dall'Aglio and Davide Vercelli. An evocative series of bathrooms inspired by the top personalities of the worlds of culture, art and music, here every setting is transformed into an idea, similarly to a work of art that focuses on Italian Style. Visiting the fair now gives you an opportunity learn about the new style trends, to adapt to your home.  

For the people who want to know more about the world of architecture and its key players, the cultural program Costruire, Abitare, Pensare  (now in its 11th edition).

Emilio Ambasz, Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane (of the namesake architecture studio), Alberto Ferlenga and Giovanni Chiaramonte, Anipama Kundoo, Felipe Assadi, are a few of the world-class speakers that are going to animate the fair with conferences, workshops and talks and who will be the focuses on further analysis

Similarly, the Cafè della Stampa - a well-established event for Cersaie - offers an up-to-date and engaging cross-section of the publishing world. Editors, from the main interior design and architecture magazines (12 in total for 12 meetings split into three different moments of the day), are going to hold debates on the most pressing issues in the field of bathrooms and tiles.

The fair could not be complete without the extremely popular event Cersaie Disegna La Tua Casa. This year too, the public is going to have the opportunity to meet professionals in the field of design and architecture, who are at hand give advice, free of charge, to renovate your home.

Last but not least, there are events especially aimed at professionals in the field such as architects, designers, tillers and contractors. In fact, they address the technical aspects of designing ceramic surfaces for bathrooms.

Part of this category is Città della Posa (now in its eighth edition, in Pavilion 31A), a space set aside for advanced professional training. Here, tilers are going to demonstrate the correct way to install a large ceramic slab, offering an in-depth analysis on the which techniques and practices you need to follow to obtain a top-quality finish. In addition, there is going to be a rich calendar of technical seminars for architects and designers.

In conclusion, this year there’s a new theme: Archincont(r)act.

The aim of this event is to create a link between architecture and Italian and international contractors. The main intent is in fact to transform Cersaie into a platform where the top players in the field are able to exchange ideas, contacts and job offers. As a result, this project fully embodies the soul of Cersaie’s 2019 edition.


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