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At the MAC in Lissone to “Stare at the moon, not at the finger”

| Designbest editorial staff


he MAC (the Museum of Contemporary Art) in Lissone, the Italian town that more than any other is intrinsically linked to furniture production, opens a new permanent design collection.

Overseen by the director of the MAC Alberto Zanchetta, the exhibition Guardare la luna, non il dito (lit. stare at the moon, not at the finger) puts on display one hundred objects and over three hundred technical drawings.

With a focus on project culture, this exhibition highlights the fact that objects aren’t mere form or function, but rather express the level of skill of the designers and the brands in the field. The title in fact, paraphrases the famous Chinese saying "when the finger points to the moon the fool stares at the finger”, thus suggesting you should carefully observe the objects on display, in order to transcend their shape and comprehend their soul.

The entire museum collection was planned with the same intent. As a result, in the exhibition rooms, the design icons are put on display beside prototypes linked to everyday life, subdivided into themes. The exhibits include furniture as well as handmade works of art by the top designers such as: Leggio d’Orsay by Gae Aulenti, Papillon in wood by Carlo Botta, Segavento by Livieo and Piero Castiglioni, the calculators by Mario Bellini and Discovolante by Piero Lissoni.

Clothes, packaging, autographed drawings as well as the promotional posters of the iconic Settimane Lissonesi blend with popular pieces and original accessories: from the clothes stand Stella by the Mendini Brothers to the hypnotic, continuous clock by Alessandro Zambelli, from the disposable rosary by Joe Velluto to the cardboard glasses by Robert La Roche, from Universale by Joe Colombo and the special-edition bench in Iron by Bergne.

This collection couldn’t be complete without a section for lighting design that includes iconic pieces such as Eclisse by Magistretti or Tolomeo by De Lucchi and Fassina as well as recent designs such as Elica by brian Sironi. Besides, there’s a kitchen section with the iconic kettles Graves and Gehry, the coffee makers by Aldo Rossi and Richard Sapper, the fish tray by Sambonet and the Monachine set by Maurizio Duranti.

The aim of this influential collection is to celebrate, by looking at everyday design, a town that’s intrinsically linked to the furniture industry, so much so as to have often been referred as the cradle of furniture design.

When: until the 21st April 2019
Where: MAC, the Museum of Contemporary Art, 6 via Elisa Ancona, Lissone (MB), Italy

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