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Elle Decor Grand Hotel. Design Therapy

| Designbest editorial staff


 n 2019, hospitality embraces nature. With Design Therapy, the current edition of Elle Decor Grand Hotel, Matteo Thun breaks the boundaries of conventional design to transform Palazzo Morando, in the centre of Milan, into a luxury hotel inspired by the natural world.

The new edition of Grand Hotel by Elle Décor, is in fact an authentic pop-up hotel that focuses on a new holistic vision: a location that centres around your personal wellbeing, here you are pampered while you are surrounded by nature, you take a break sipping a novelty cocktail, try the innovative menu of Maio Restaurant and receive tips on fitness and beauty as well as learn about natural materials, products and the latest trends in hospitality.

With a focus on your personal wellbeing, you walk through a suggestive itinerary that guides you from a lounge area, “Galleria d’oro” that brings to mind an internal courtyard with several recesses, to the “Hortus”, an internal garden overseen by the landscape gardener Marco Bay with suspended spheres that are composed by vegetables, leading to a restaurant framed by forest-like niches and pergolas with lush foliage and passing through secluded spaces such as the Gym room where you can train with traditional gymnastic equipment in natural materials (from wooden backrests to leather gym balls) or the bedroom, preceded by the antechamber - decompression space with a view of a dense forest of Crataegus and Malus.

Aesthetics of hospitality and care redefine the relationship between physical space and wellbeing, and guests and nature become the key players in a perfect marriage where there is a spontaneous empathy. "The icon of the subconscious is made of simplicity," explained Matteo Thun, and it is from there that the idea of combining nature and naturalness, stimulation of the senses and local and regional craftsmanship was born, elements based on simplicity, which, however, contribute to physical and mental well-being.

The experience of Design Therapy, in fact, involves all the senses, from sight to taste to smell, with a dedicated Aroma room: a reflective pool, where the ability of water to generate wellbeing is intensified by intense essences that spread through the air. Once again, Elle Decor's Grand Hotel, created in 2016 to make us reflect on the evolution of the concept of hôtellerie, presents us with the latest trends in the sector with a unique experience and an unexpected and spectacular immersive journey, also offering us a rich calendar of talks on the theme of hospitality and physical and mental wellness with lectures by architects and experts in the field (to inaugurate the series Matteo Thun on 8 October at 18.30).


Where: Elle Decor Grand Hotel, ‘Design Therapy’Palazzo Morando.
Costume Moda Immagine, via Sant’Andrea 6, Milan, Italy

When: 4-20 October


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