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Christian Chironi - Polychromy (photo by: Sara Scanderebech )

| Designbest editorial staff


s an artist from Nuoro, Sardinia, with a passion for Le Corbusier, Christian Chironi is well acquainted with the world of this iconic architect as he has both lived and worked in several of Le Corbusier’s homes (dotted around the world). An elective creative personality as well as a cosmopolitan wonderer, Christian Chironi has now landed in Milan with Polychromy, a project that pays tribute to Le Corbusier’s theories and that combines the spatial, visual and auditory dimensions.

With his Fiat 127, Christian Chironi has travelled through Italy stopping in the same places that were once visited by Le Corbusier. Christian’s findings are put on display for all to see in the Marsèlleria, a renowned exhibition space in Milan. Don’t expect however, a conventional exhibition with photographs, documents and video footage on the walls. Christian’s Fiat 127 is in fact the focal point of this unprecedented tribute to Le Corbusier, in which audio-footage and musical arrangements, part of the project My sound is a Le Corbusier, made in partnership with Francesco Brasini and other musicians, are played in the car’s cabin.

With the project My house is a Le Corbusier, Christian Chironi has transformed his car in a proper home, personalised according to the colour combinations of the places he has stayed in (and currently resides). This project was renamed Chameleon as the car changes colour to suit different contexts.

Beside the car, running the entire length of the wall, there’s an architectural keyboard with 43 colour combinations that reproduce different moods, as well as Le Corbusier’s own colour spectrum with 288 different architectural polychromes that can be simultaneously combined as if it were a sound.   

As a result, Polychromy is an evocative, multidisciplinary experience that brings to mind Le Corbusier’s modernist ideas, offering us food for thought.


Where: Marsèlleria, 2 via Privata Rezia, Milan, Italy

When: until 14 September 2018 


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