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Elemania (photo. Juliano Araujo)

| Designbest editorial staff


n enchanted land in which shapes and colours transform everyday objects into extraordinary, poetical characters. This is the land CC-Tapis has taken us to with Elemania, the first solo exhibit of Elena Salmistraro, a young creative with a passion for illustration.

If you haven’t heard of this eclectic artist, don’t miss her retrospective, open for a few more days. Her extremely unique style derives from the expressiveness of illustration: her projects include in fact, objects that instantly project you to a magical kingdom, dreamy pieces as well as more poetical ones. This is Elena Salmistraro in brief. She could almost have jumped out of the pages of a fairytale book as she blares the boundaries between form and function, opening the doors to unexpected materiality.

Overseen by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, the exhibition accompanies you on a journey outlined by objects designed by Seletti, Bosa, Stone Italia, Lithea, SecondoMe, De Castelli, London Art and Camp Design Gallery: a unique and diverse selection, exactly in Elena Salmistraro’s style, who effortlessly goes from carpets with bold graphics to vases with anthropomorphic silhouettes, from fetish objects to Morandi-inspired projects

Elena constantly bewitches you with her creativity, taking you to a wonderful, dreamy land.


Where: CC-Tapis, 10 Piazza Santo Stefano, Milan, Italy

When: until - 26 October 2018


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