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NikolaTesla Switch by Elica

| Designbest editorial staff


lica, a leading Italian firm in the field of kitchen appliances, invites you to attend the Elica Storm Event, a week-long event that focuses on design, publishing as well as digital influencers.

Located in the central Brian&Barry Building, a rich calendar of events addresses the latest trends as well as the predicted seasonal must-haves. The week’s key players include personalities from the publishing sector, interviewed specially for this occasion by the top architect and interior designer Paola Marella.

On the ground floor, the brand’s most iconic products, such as the suction hobs NikolaTesla Switch, Flame and Libra or the suspension hoods Interstellar, bring to live the store fronts in via Durini and via Borgogna. Paola Marella in fact, plans to entertain her guests by illustrating the main source of her inspirations (an integral part of Elica’s production and overall genetic makeup) as well as her relationship with the latest trends in design as well as food, architecture and lifestyle.

The event couldn’t be complete without occasions for relaxing and being entertained. For a more enjoyable experience in fact, the Executive Chef of “Asola, Cucina Sartoriale” Matteo Torretta is going to prepare a meal, helped by his team, on Elica’s suction hob and in addition, several famous influencers on the Milanese scene are going to stream live the more succulent moments of every day.  

There are many must-see events: from talks, an integral part of every day, to special cooking challenges held between Matteo Torretta and Paola Marella on the 27th of September. So, you only need to choose an event and take the opportunity to see firsthand Elica’s new products.


Where: Brian&Barry Building, 28 via Durini, Milan, Italy

When: 23 - 29 September 2019


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