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Martinelli Luce on show in Lucca

| Designbest editorial staff


fter the Triennale di Milano, it’s the turn of the city of Lucca, central Italy. Here, the Martinelli Luce showroom plays host to the exhibition Elio Martinelli e la Martinelli Luce that focuses on a great Italian entrepreneur. 

This exhibition that marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Cobra lamp designed by Elio Martinelli, the founding member of Martinelli Luce, pays tribute to a designer known for having brought Italian design to the rest of the world. Among the pieces on display, chosen as they illustrate the brand’s history, the Cobra lamp takes centre stage. Cobra is accompanied by all the re-editions, especially designed for the project CobraTexture that involved renowned Italian and international designers.

Besides, on the opening night of  the 29th June 2018, the three winners of the project Cobra Reloaded will be announced, awarded to under 35 year-olds and started in partnership with ADI, the association for industrial design.

If you cannot attend, this exhibition could very well be an excuse to plan a special trip to Tuscany: open for a month, it offers you the opportunity to visit a heritage city, learning about a brand that has made of top quality Made in Italy design its strong suit.

Where: Showroom Martinelli Luce, 9 via S. Lucia, Lucca, Italy
When: 29 June - 29 July 2018

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