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Festival del Legno 2019 - Cantù, Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


mbrace nature, it needs you! With this slogan, Riva 1920, in occasion of the Festival del Legno (lit. the festival of wood), opens its headquarters to the public, for a weekend to celebrate nature.

Wood turners, makeup artists as well as a cartoonist are here to entertain the public, whether young or old. Besides, there are many activities aimed at illustrating the properties of wood as well as raising awareness on the current state of the environment. During the event in fact, 500 oak trees are distributed to the public, who are in turn encouraged to replant them, whether at home, in a forest or a park. Every person who uploads on social media a photo as he/she is planting the tree (#Riva1920, until October 31), could additionally win a scented cedar heart. During the same weekend, Riva 1920 launches another challenge: to guess the circumference of a Lebanese cedar by hugging it (ten scented cedar hearts are going to be given to the people who guessed correctly).

This wonderful initiative aims to teach to future generations to respect nature and safeguard the environment. Besides, the Festival del Legno is an opportunity to visit the firm’s 1200 sqm showroom to see: the brand’s line of solid wooden furniture, a new collection of early twentieth century bicycles, the museum of wood with over 5000 pieces put on display such as machinery and utensils, the Pangea Lab, a training workshop that houses the table Pangea, symbol of the 2015 Expo as well as a xylotheque of types of wood from around the world.

Besides, the people who would like to take home a memento of the event can visit the factory shop and buy, at discounted prices, a selection of products and wooden gadgets.


Where: Riva Center, 110 Via Milano, Cantù, Italy

When: 5 - 6 October 2019


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