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exhibition: "Ettore Sottsass: Design Radical" 

| Designbest editorial staff


xhibition Ettore Sottsass: Radical Design is at The Met Breuer museum in New York from the 21st July until the 8th October 2017. This exhibition shines a light on the work of iconic Italian architect Ettore Sottsass, who would have been one hundred years old today.

Ettore Sottsass: Radical Design illustrates the designer’s six-decade-long career, highlighting the aesthetic and stylistic revolution Ettore brought about, as well as his modernist vision which reached its height during the eighties with the Memphis Group.

The exhibition kicks-off showing the designer’s rationalist approach in the early fifties (when he made a name for designing for Olivetti), then it reaches the eighties when Ettore overturned conventional design with the Memphis Group (a striking example of his style and philosophy).

The exhibits include: the Valentine, the iconic portable typewriter designed for Olivetti; the Carlton Room Divider bookcase, clear example of eighties radical design;  the Menhir, Stupas and  Ziggurat ceramic totem poles; the Superbox for Poltronova and pieces shown at the MoMa in New York, like the modular furniture part of the 1972 exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape.

Without a doubt, Ettore Sottsass is best known for his artistic vibrancy, innate curiosity and desire to push the boundaries of conventional aesthetics, constantly bringing out a new world. Throughout his career, Ettore has seen design as an endless visionary game.


Where: The Met Breuer, 945 Madison Ave, New York, U.S.A

When: 21 July – 8 October 2017 


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