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Fantini Headquarters - Lago d’Orta  (ph: courtesy Fantini)

| Designbest editorial staff


arch 22nd is World Water Day, an important date which highlights the oft undervalued problem of water consumption and waste. According to a recent study by IPSOS, the data concerning the protection of this precious resource is not encouraging. In Italy, for example, the perception of this issue is quite poor. 93% of those interviewed (out of a sample of 1,000 people) consider themselves attentive to environmental issues; however, just 2 in 10 Italians consider water scarcity a major problem. Likewise, just 12% of Italians consider water a precious resource that needs safeguarding.

However, there are design companies which have made water their strong suit and have always looked to incentivize the culture of this resource. Case in point, there is Fantini, the Italian brand leader in the production of taps, which has always exhibited a deep sense of concern for the environment. At the heart of its modus operandi, there has always been a collaboration with nature and a belonging to the land of Pella on Lake Orta. It’s exactly from these roots that the story of the Fantini family was born, with its passion for artisanal craftsmanship, technological innovation and its perpetual dialogue with the water of the lake.

If on the one hand design and innovation are this brand’s guiding lights; on the other, water is what has always laid out the guidelines of Fantini’s collections, which are dedicated to sustainability and energy savings. The lake is in the DNA of Fantini. In order to share its passion for water (and the emotions it evokes), Fantini has founded Casa Fantini/ Lake Time, a boutique resort where one can bask in the spirit of the lake. It’s not by chance that in 2020 it won the Believing in the Future prize (in the category Hotelier & Wellness) at the sixth edition of Altagamma, a foundation that brings together the best High-End Italian Cultural and Creative Companies. This just further demonstrates the fact that sustainability, a connection the land and an innovation in style and material are exactly what is good for us and the environment.

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