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source: Brera Design Days - Donne di Design 

| Designbest editorial staff


he female designers' perspective told through personal anecdotes and professional accounts. This event is part of the Brera Design Days in Milan, the design festival that for the second year in a row has turned the Brera district into a stage for debates and talks on design and innovation in the digital world (6-12 October 2017).

This all-female event is to be held on the 10th October 2017: the designer Ilaria Defilippo will interview many key women designers, who will collectively illustrate what the last couple of decades have been like on the Italian design scene, revealing in advance the trends and styles popular around the world.

The following influential designers will take turns speaking on stage: Rossana Orlandi, Paola Jannelli, Adele Cassina, Francesca Molteni, Dorit Sappet, Paola Albini, Giovanna Castiglioni and many more besides. The event will conclude with a tribute to the architect and designer Franca Helg (1920-1989) who also was Franco Albini’s business partner: the actor Tiziana Francesca Vaccaro will recite an extract from the theatrical piece ‘I colori della Ragione – Franca Helg, la gran dama dell’architettura’, written and directed by Paola Albini.


Where: Microsoft House, 12 viale Pasubio, Milan

When: 10 October 2017, 6,30 pm


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