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Form of Movement by Nendo (ph: Akihiro Yoshida)

| Designbest editorial staff


endo’s solo exhibition, undisputed contemporary design icon, is one of the events at the Fuorisalone that deserve to be seen. And that won’t disappoint.

Form of Movement, the exhibition now running at the Superstudio Più, puts on display 10 one-of-a-kind projects that use movement as a new conceptual language. Ten Japanese firms are involved in this project and with Nendo, they experiment with cutting edge materials and turn everyday objects into “real illusions”: from a zip you can unfasten with a single hand to a sheet of paper rolled as a torch.

Analysing the way in which an object is used, its materials and manufacturing process is the foundation of the entire exhibition. Nendo takes us to a mysterious labyrinth, here stylized graphics in pure-white delineate the route on a black background, accompanying us through lit up spaces with dreamy, intimate and suggestive moods.

Once again, Oki Sato, the head of studio Nendo, puts himself out there with his minimal, simple and elegant design and with ironic ideas and educated quotes turns simple everyday life into magical moments.

This 800 sqm space is split into 10 different themes that put on display a selection of models, prototypes, sketches and dreamy projections that illustrate the designer’s creative process in a rarefied mood.

Nendo’s design style combines a fresh aesthetic with strong communication skills, which becomes pure poetry. And standing in dark, black cubes, we bear witness to ten different stories told by as many objects, lit up in turn. Then, seven white spheres turn into jewellery boxes: made from fluoropolymer, a material that you can crush, slide, pull, rotate, open like a fan and lift without losing its ethereal colour, its humid surface and its weight similar to a stone.

In the second room however, zip fasteners are the focal point of an extraordinary scene: one-of-a-kind zips that you can fasten with a single hand.

In the third room a “simple” sheet of paper - which is actually a special piece of technology that hides a printed circuit board – turns into a functional LED torch: the light gets more intense as you tighten the sheet of the paper, lights also change colour according to which side you roll the sheet of paper on.

And after a succession of different high-tech materials, visitors polycarbonate sheets that turn into tables and shelves, kitchen utensils made of fluorine-powder – a materials as impalpable as the air we breathe, it’s no coincidence that this results from the a partnership with Daikin, leading brand in air technology – and tiles made of “soft” ceramic with a textured surface made using traditional craftsmanship techniques. 

In the seventh room, aluminium takes centre stage: a vase within another vase that changes shape as you walk around it.

In the ninth room reality and dream become blurred: minimalist tables cast intriguing shapes on the floor, along with see-through hourglasses that seem to be filled with the air with intangible vibes.

This journey ends with a new interpretation of movement and light: a shutter covered in an ultra-shielding film folds and unfolds as if it were a spring flower.

This fantastic journey has come to an end, so we cannot help to take home a souvenir: outside the exhibition there are vending machines selling – 5 euros only – little sculptures designed by Nendo containing a message, similar to a fortune cookie. A message that is going to take us towards our next journey into the design world.


 Where: Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

When: Until April 22 2018


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