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exhibition: La Sostanza Della Forma: Franco Albini Architetto

| Designbest editorial staff


hroughout the year, the Fondazione Franco Albini will be hosting event series Il Segno tra ieri e domani (lit. drawing between today and tomorrow) to mark its tenth anniversary.  

Save the date, exhibition La Sostanza Della Forma (lit. the essence of form) will be at the Polytechnic of Milan from the 5th to the 30th May 2017. After an absence of over 40 years, architect Franco Albini is back at the Polytechnic; this exhibition will guide you through the creative process of one of the fathers of Italian Neo-Rationalist architecture.

Promoted by the School of Architecture, Urban Design and Construction Engineering and the Design School of the Polytechnic of Milan, the exhibition shines a light on Franco Albini’s philosophy and design method through a display of unrealised work as well as his most representative projects.


Where: Politecnico di Milano, spazio Guido Nardi, 2 via Ampère, Milan, Italy

When: 5 May - 30 May 2017



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