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Frank Lloyd Wright, Design 102 - “Printed Linen”, 1955 (courtesy: © 2019 Frank Lloyd Wright)

| Designbest editorial staff


ith the exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright Textiles: The Taliesin Line 1955-60, the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City pays a tribute to one of the most famous architects of the past century. This unique narrative pays a tribute to the architect’s lesser-known work, such as his fabric and wallpaper patterns, especially chosen to represent Lloyd Wright’s architectural language. Illustrated in the volume/ pattern book Schumacher’s Taliesin Line of Decorative Fabrics and Wallpapers Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (originally published in 1955 and only available in 100 copies for authorised retailers), they are part of the architect’s initial commercial venture and include a line of affordable homeware, introduced in the fifties.

A pioneer of “personal branding”, in other worlds marketing a person’s name as a brand, Lloyd Wright, in addition to a textile range, designed handmade wooden vases and other home accessories. Housed in the Antonio Ratti Textile Center of the “MET”, this tiny anthological review includes the pattern book, nine examples of original fabric swatches (the geometric patterns are true to the architect’s design aesthetic), two of the limited-edition vases that were never marketed to the public as well as Frank Lloyd Wright’s photographic portrait, taken by Yosuf Karsh in 1954.


Where: The Met Fifth Avenue, Antonio Ratti Textile Center, Fifth Avenue 82nd Street, New York

When:  until 5 April 2020


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