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Frank Lloyd Wright tra America e Italia


| Designbest editorial staff


trip between America and Italy: that's what the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright is offering us. On at the Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli in Turin, the exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright tra America e Italia (lit. Frank Lloyd Wright between America and Italy) illustrates Frank Lloyd Wright’s perspective on organic architecture, beginning with his first trip to Italy in 1910 and ending with his last visit in 1951.

The photographs, objects, lithographs, original drawings and catalogues on display illustrate the essence of organic architecture. They accompany us on an itinerary split into six different parts such as houses, museums, offices and skyscrapers. We have: The Waterfall House (possibly one of Wright’s most famous projects), the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Prairie Houses designed at the beginning of the last century, the architect’s first skyscrapers designed in 1905 and even the Masieri Memorial of the fifties (the unbuilt tribute to Angelo Masieri, one of Wright’s disciples who died in a tragic).

It all begins from Wright's trip to Tuscany in 1910, prompted by an existential crisis. It was during his stay of over six months, in fact, that the architect laid the foundations of his architectural thought - organic architecture - which soon became an important element of cohesion for many Italian architects. After the Second World War, organic architecture represented freedom and democracy, in line with the reconstruction of the whole country. And when in 1951 Wright, now eighty, returned to Italy with his travelling exhibition, he was celebrated as a representative modern, democratic architecture.

The exhibition, curated by Jennifer Gray, puts on display democratic architecture as well as illustrating the background of the unbuilt project, capturing the essence of the philosophy of one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century. The continuous and indispensable search for a balance between man and nature, between the built environment and the natural environment has been the basis of Wright's work, who during his long stays in Italy has always shown himself as a keen supporter of Italian architecture as well as the urban versus landscape debate.


Where: Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, ex fabbrica del Lingotto, 230/103 via Nizza, Turin, Italy

When: ongoing – 1 July 2018


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