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Source: exhibition "Gaetano Pesce - Altra Bellezza"

| Designbest editorial staff


e sure do remember the provocative Up armchair by B&B Italia and that extraordinary series of kaleidoscopic vases in resin and silicone. Both pieces are by Gaetano Pesce and are just an example of his vital contribution to contemporary design history.

With the exhibition Gaetano Pesce – Altra bellezza (lit. Gaetano Pesce – Other beauty), Italian art critic Vittorio Sgarbi has brought to life Getano Pesce’s production. Gaetano Pesce – Altra bellezza is at the Costume Moda Immagine section of the Palazzo Morando, Milan from the 13th April until the 17th July 2016. Rather than just beianother exhibition, Gaetano Pesce – Altra bellezza is a comprehensive narrative which illustrates the full extent of Gaetano Pesce’s work as a sculptor, designer and architect, as well as highlighting a contrast between his classic silhouettes and fearless aesthetics.

In fact, Gaetano Pesce’s unique style has always been what made him stand out from the crowd; this informal kind of creativity works with flaws, tuning each piece into an example of his vision. By putting on display icons, drawings and unreleased designs; this exhibition shines a light on Gaetano’s multidisciplinary world. What’s more, Gaetano Pesce – Altra bellezza is split into three main themes: “Preziosi” which includes jewellery design and goldsmithing; “Modelli di Forma” which includes work in plastics; “Inserti Musivi” which studies antiquities.
Furthermore, Gaetano Pesce – Altra bellezza shows the designer’s complex nature. Gaetano Pesce is full of life, always eager to learn, able to amaze his public and known around the world for the unique way in which draws ideas from day-to-day life.


Where: Palazzo Morando, 6 via Sant’Andrea, Milan, Italy

When: 13 April - 17 July 2016


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