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| Designbest editorial staff


he Triennale Design Museum opens at the Villa Reale, Monza with a new exhibition: Gio Ponti e Richard Ginori: una corrispondenza inedita. Gio Ponti e Richard Ginori is held in the Belvedere gallery, in partnership with the cultural association Associazione Amici di Doccia and will run from the 12th April until the 7th June 2015. This exhibition shines a new light on two icons of Italian design. On one hand we have Gio Ponti, undisputed talent of the twentieth century and on the other hand we have Richard-Ginori, an Italian firm renowned for its ceramic production _ its porcelain tableware is the last word in terms of quality and elegance. These two were joined in a fruitful partnership which lasted over ten years, between 1922 and 1933, when Gio Ponti was artistic director at Richard-Ginori.


The display, on loan from the Museo di Doccia, includes more than fifty pieces between best-sellers and lesser-known designs. There are also many original letters, drawings and sketches which come from the Manifattura di Doccia archives. However, this exhibition is not intended to be another monograph on Gio Ponti. In fact, Gio Ponti e Richard Ginori: una corrispondenza inedita intends to share the difficult history of Museo Richard Ginori, Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, which was closed in may 2014 without any plans for a future opening. And this is why, Gio Ponti e Richard Ginori is even more extraordinary: you will have access to the historical archives and admire the outstanding collection of ceramics, letters and personal notes.


Noteworthy are Mano della Fattucchiera (from the Italian “the fortune teller's hand”) and Le Mie Donne vase. And among the many pieces made under commission we remember: Vaso a Poetiche, in blue delftware with golden bronze detailing, for Casa di Risparmio delle Province Lombarde (bank of the Lombardy provinces) and the Capriolo fra Palme (from the Italian “roe deer among palm trees”) commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Italian embassies. In each corner there are glimpses of Gio Ponti's artistic flair. His creative style knows no bounds: decorative china, colour choices (blue Ponti was invented by him), print, TV and radio advertising, packaging and even product pricing.


Ponti's passion for communication comes across in the type of documents on show, especially if you take a look at the display cabinets at the end of the gallery. Links between Ponti and the city of Monza are also clear. In fact, Gio Ponti exhibited at Villa Reale for the first time on the 19th May 1923, as part of the Biennale Internazionale di Arti Decorative.


When: 12 April 2015 - 7 June 2015 / Where: Villa Reale, Monza, Italy 

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