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The Venice Glass Week 2020

| Designbest editorial staff


September 5-13, 2020 sees the return of The Venice Glass Week, the international festival in Venice dedicated to the art of glass. It was founded in 2017 in order to celebrate and promote the glassmaking (especially that of Murano) that has distinguished Venice throughout the world. In its fourth edition, the festival this year too boasts of a rich program of events, exhibitions, demonstrations and guided tours.

Presented for the first time with the title #TheHeartofGlass, this year will be a special edition for the event that will focus on the sector’s recovery after the prolonged closure due to Covid-19. The main theme will be as always “the craft of glassmaking”, coming from ancient traditions and representing the artistic and cultural engine of the city. However, in contrast with previous editions that enlivened the territory by putting craftsmanship on show, this year the festival will broaden its horizons by adding a series of digital appointments in order to involve people throughout the world. In addition to the classic guided tours of furnaces, workshops and companies organized by the agency Nexa, the festival will also be present online in Conversations on Glass, a series of six dialogues with international players from the world of glass, and will be broadcast live on YouTube in collaboration with Apice (one of the most prestigious companies in the transportation of works of art).

Another new addition to this year’s program is the Kids’ Programme by Artsystem, a calendar of special appointments dedicated to kids and families in order to let the little ones get to know the wonders of this ancient art. Among the events in the city, The Venice Glass WeekHUB at the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Palazzo Lordean is not to be missed. It is a selection of artwork from national and international artists with a section dedicated to under-35 artists and designers.

The complete calendar with events and appointments can be found on the site The Venice Glass Week and on the event’s social media profiles. It takes just one look to understand that this year The Venice Glass Week is not to be missed if one not only wants to discover the magic of ancient and historically rich world, but also the innovation and experimentation whichhas always been a part of the precious DNA of Venice.

When: September 5-13, 2020

Dove: Venice and Murano, Italy





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