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Goodbye Renato Bialetti…till our next coffee!

| Designbest editorial staff


mino coi Baffi (lit. little man with a moustache) was an Italian children’s TV character, made extremely popular, right after the Second World War, by the advertising show Carosello (1953). Never forgotten, he is remembered with fondness by entire generations.

This funny little Bialetti business man is the brilliant caricature of entrepreneur Renato Bialetti. He is a true icon of style, not afraid of growing old and a character who has definitely outlived any fad or fashion.

Today, the 11th February  2016, Renato Bialetti, owner of Bialetti, the firm based in Omegna, lake Orta, north west Italy and the person, who inspired cartoonist Paul Campani, passed away at the age of 93. Renato, son of the man, who in 1933 invented the first moka, leaves as his legacy this funny caricature, an undeniable success and most importantly, the timeless Bialetti moka. In fact, throughout the years, the Bialetti moka has become a must-have in every home. And what’s more, it has even reached the status of work of art, being on display in some of the most important museums in the world like the Moma in New York and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

We pay our respects by drinking one last coffee to his memory. And luckily, the iconic Bialetti moka will never let us forget him. 

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