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HOMI presents: "Scatenata -  la catena tra funzione e ornamento" (MANUGANDA, Compo, 2007)

| Designbest editorial staff


xpect the unexpected from exhibition Scatenata (lit. unchained). HOMI presents Scatenata at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan from the 21st February until the 5th March 2017. "Chains" are the main theme of this exhibition, in other words a muse for goldsmiths, artists and designers around the globe. 

On this occasion, the prestigious Fondazione Stelline is turned into a sparkling boutique with 150 different pieces in a variety of different styles: simple, extremely valuable, handmade, ultra-innovative and unconventional. Rings and chains by both Italian and international artists and craftsmen form a dramatic setting filled with symbolic imagery.

Throughout the ages, chains have been a powerful symbol which have included a thousand different contradictory aspects (a witness to slavery, freedom, rebellion, power, street style and luxury). Plus, jewellery can shake up collective perception, making us dream. Scatenata is curated by Alba Cappellieri, professor in jewellery and accessory design at the Polytechnic of Milan, who has added her own extraordinary expressive strength.

Chain styles are endless: gourmette, anchor, broach, cable, link, wheat and drop. The exhibition has pieces by top names, anything from Paco Rabanne’s work from the seventies to current 3D printing by Giulio Iacchetti. There are also pieces by high-fashion labels like Missoni, Ermanno Scervino and Enrico Coveri, as well as work by top artisans like Emma Francesconi known for her metalwork, and Carla Riccoboni whose work is depicted on the exhibition flier.

However, it’s by joining creativity and innovation together that chains unleash their true magic. This brings together different styles and cultures (like Indian craftsmanship “chained” to punk references by Fiona Paxton), and it turns humble materials into real cult accessories (like Francesca Vitali and her paper chains).

The result is a precious exhibition, a perfect mix of art, design and history.


Where: Fondazione Stelline, 61 Corso Magenta, Milan, Italy

When: 21 February – 5 March 2017


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